Internet Providers in Denmark

Internet providers in Denmark provide a good, reliable, and stable internet connection, but with so many to choose from comparing providers can take up a lot of your time and effort. If you have recently settled down in Denmark and are looking for the right internet provider, you’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage. You can get connected to the internet via DSL, fiber optic, cable, wireless, or WI-FI which is more than sufficient for most users.

Picking the right provider comes down to what you use the internet for, not everyone uses the internet in the same way and therefore need a different internet connection. For example, if you are a gamer you will require more bandwidth than someone who just uses the internet to browse. An internet surfer, who is using the internet primarily to access Google, social media networking sites such as Facebook, or accessing their email account, require a download speed of about 20 Mbit/s; a streamer, who watches movies/videos on Netflix, YouTube or music on Spotify, will require 60 Mbit/s of data; whereas a gamer will need 100 – 500 Mbit/s for their high-definition games and fast internet.

Connections in Denmark are comparatively cheaper when compared to the rest of the EU, and most people go in for a six-month contract. Once you sign the contract, you cannot back out of it which makes it even more crucial to choose the right internet service provider. Worried about buying a router, modem, or cables? In Denmark, you can rent these items at a cheaper cost and is preferred by many people compared to purchasing them.

Finding the right internet service provider in Denmark

Finding the right internet service provider in Denmark can be easy but time-consuming since most internet providers have their website set up in Danish. For an English-speaking individual, this can be hard to understand. Thankfully, some providers have their information in English and will give you a fair idea of the plans you can expect. If you like a particular provider, you can always ask an acquaintance or friend to help you understand the packages and assist you with the amount of bandwidth, they think you would require. Keep in mind that most internet providers do not impose download limits. However, if your are downloading vast amounts of data every month, they will restrict it.  

The speed and efficiency are quite fast so you don’t need to worry about your Netflix shows buffering. To apply for a connection, you need a photo ID and a Danish identity number (you can always use your passport and CPR number). If you are a student, you can use your college ID number and if you have come to Denmark for work, you can seek help from your company – some companies will provide this for you. You would need to give your provider a week’s notice and pay the bill monthly or yearly through your Danish bank account or at the post office.

The best Internet service providers in Denmark

These internet providers offer different connections and bandwidths at different prices along with a host of other benefits. Here are the best internet providers in Denmark that are reliable and widely preferred.


Kviknet offers attractive broadband deals in Denmark, their prices are reasonable and cheaper than most internet subscription companies. Being an only-online platform with no physical store, everything needs to be done online. You can check out their offers on the website, which is in English, making it easier for foreigners to read and understand. If you are not a heavy internet user and just need your net for checking your email or accounts, then this service provider is ideal for you. They provide a wireless router with an in-built modem that allows users to enjoy unlimited traffic without the need for an active landline subscription.

The company uses the TDCs DSL network which provides a fast and stable connection and ensures speed. If you have your own landline and the connection is poor then you may expect a few changes in speed from Kviknet. They provide excellent customer support whenever you need help and will allow you to log in, check your bills, order a move, change payment cards, and much more.

Fastspeed is Denmark’s ultimate broadband. The provider focuses on broadband and nothing else – which enables them to deliver stable high-speed broadband services at a customer-friendly price.

Fastspeed was founded in late 2018 and provided customers with the best solutions using fiber and coax. They provide broadband to housing units, private households as well as office workspaces and boast of a prompt, stable, responsive, and professional internet connection. The company has attractive pricing, lighting -fast connectivity, and an outstanding customer service support team.

There are no speed restrictions so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth. This internet connection is ideal for people who love to watch their Netflix shows, YouTube videos, and enjoy maximum speeds at a low cost without any interference. offers an easy, good, and fast internet connection especially to households who normally cannot be offered broadband. While it is well-known for its mobile connectivity, and hence, it is perfect for people who do not live at the center of major cities but still require a good internet connection. It includes a smart Wi-Fi router with a SIM card to ensure the best connection and the fastest speed – Without running cables around your house. This hassle-free internet is very easy to set up – you need to do is plugin and log on to your Wi-Fi and you will be online. Everything is included so you don’t require a technician to set it up.

The subscription comes with upload and download speeds of 1 TB. If you consume so much data, the speed will be slashed to 2 Mbit without any additional charges for the rest of the month. provides good coverage as it comes with an outdoor antenna for your home and is very affordable which enables you to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi with no obstruction. This internet provider service is extremely popular, easy to set-up, good range, and connectivity. It is also easy to move with (on the occasion that you’re shifting home or moving). It’s an excellent solution if you want a low-cost, fuss-free internet service.

The Final Words

These three service providers are highly preferred and recommended because of their seamless service and fast connectivity. Always do your research before you pick an internet provider as each one will suit different needs, budgets, and requirements.

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