Racy Danish Ladies: The Fastest in the World to Have Sex on the First Date

Sex is an important part of a relationship but when you are cheating on your partner, sex becomes more thrilling, exciting, and sensational. It becomes the low-hanging forbidden fruit that is waiting to be plucked and tasted, and many cannot control themselves as they yearn to savour this fruit. So, it seems apt that a dating site that enables married and committed people to take a dip in the vast pool of cheating and extramarital affairs conducts research on sex on a first date.

Victoria Milan, the dating site designed for committed and married people cheat, conducted a study involving 5,650 female members from across the world. The study asked these ladies how likely were they to have sex on the first date, when do they decide to sleep with a new partner, where they are likely to go with their date, and what compels them to have sex with their newly chosen lover.

The Licentious Results

The results showed that out of all the countries, ladies from Denmark, Norway, and France love to take a roll in the hay on the first date! Yes, you read it right. Nearly 56% of ladies from France stated that going back to their date’s home for sex is preferable. On the other hand, 57% of women from Denmark and 68% of women from Norway stated that they prefer going to a hotel to have sex with on their first date.

Holding Out

Polish ladies are more prim and proper as just 12% of them claimed that they would end their first date with a person with sex. On the other hand, 41% of women from Poland went on to say that they would not have qualms about sleeping with their lover on the second date and most of them would make this decision during the course of the date. Nearly 70% of Polish ladies stated that they prefer having their romps in hotels rather than the date’s home.

The study revealed that most Polish ladies require 2.93 dates before they decide to have sex. Out of the 10 nations that were surveyed, these ladies from Poland take the longest to bed a new lover.

Delicious and Erotic Danes

Danish ladies, along with those from France and Norway, said that they do not decide beforehand about having sex on the first date. Most decide during the date based on – yes is the surprise – based on the attentiveness of the date. These ladies do not give importance to looks, how long they have celibate, and how much alcohol they have consumed.

The result of the survey showed that Danish women require just 1.58 dates before they agree to get banged by their new lover. This is the fastest that, according to Victoria Milan, a woman will have sex. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having sex on the first date but it makes it thrilling for you if you are looking to date a Danish lady. You know, based on the survey, the chances of getting laid are higher when you date a lady from Denmark. So, that brings about a thrill and anticipation. Of course, you would have to work hard to win her approval. So, be the gentleman that you are.

The results of the survey go to show that Danish ladies are confident and they know exactly what they want. They do not believe in beating around the bush and will go to bed with you if they like you.

Embark on an Erotic Adventure with Danish Ladies

Wear your best clothes and splash your favourite aftershave or cologne if you are going for a first-time date with a Danish lady. The chances are high that she will make overtures if you are attentive and when that happens, you should be prepared and not taken by surprise. This is not us saying but a study that is backed by numbers and data. Make sure you brush your teeth and shower before your date. You never know, you could get lucky.

It is prudent to remember that Victoria Milan’s members are married or in a committed relationship. So, other than an erotic and passionate rendezvous, you should not expect anything if you decide to become a member of Victoria Milan or hook up with a married Danish lady. Regardless of your choice, you can be certain that you will in for a helluva sensual and passionate ride.

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