Travel Insurance in Denmark

Denmark is a popular tourist destination and people from across the world visit the country to absorb the history, culture, and attractions. It is also a safe country for travelers and also attracts expatriates to come and live in the country for education, work, and business. Denmark has extremely good infrastructure and offers outstanding services that make it a great country for a long-term stay. As a foreigner, if you are living in Denmark on a long-term basis, you will be traveling overseas for business or pleasure. In either case, you should never leave the country without travel insurance.

However, if you are not conversant with Danish, finding the right travel insurance in Denmark can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry as learning a little bit about travel insurance in the country will help you select the right policy that provides adequate coverage during your overseas travel. That way, you will not have to worry if the airline loses your luggage, you get robbed, or lose your phone or laptop.

Do You Need Travel Insurance in Denmark?

As an EU citizen, you will have the European Health Insurance Card. That card enables you to get treatment across the European Union for any pre-existing health conditions that you have. So, you may think that you do not need travel insurance when coming to Denmark or going to another country for a vacation. Well, you are wrong.

The European Health Insurance Card will not cover hospitalization, accidents, or illnesses that you get while traveling. For these health issues, you will have to incur out-of-pocket expenses, which can be substantial if you require extensive treatment and care. That is why you should ensure you get travel insurance before you come to Denmark or visit another country from Denmark.

What About Non-EU Citizens?

If you are a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Union, you will need travel insurance without fail. You will have to present the insurance to the Danish Embassy or Consulate at the time of applying for the visa. Without travel insurance, you will not be able to get a visa to visit Denmark.

The insurance policy you get should provide coverage for treatment worth €30,000 and also be able to cover emergency air evacuation should the need arise. The travel insurance policy that you buy should be valid for the entire stay in Denmark as well as offer cover for 15 days more.

In case you are a foreign national living in Denmark, you will need travel insurance if you intend to travel outside the country. Regardless of your mode of travel, you should not think twice about getting this insurance as it could make a big difference if something happens during your vacation.

Understanding the Importance of Travel Insurance

In case you are still skeptical about getting travel insurance, here are some compelling reasons to buy this policy. Remember, there are many ways that a travel insurance policy can come to your rescue, especially if you are caught unaware while on a vacation.

Be Prepared for Accidents: Remember, things always happen without warning. So, whether you are vacationing in Denmark or another country, you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario – an accident. You could easily slip in a wet bathroom after a shower, trip and fall a flight of stairs, or be in a vehicle collision. These are accidents you have no control over and can happen anytime. That is why you need the safety net of a travel insurance policy. That way, you do not have to worry about funding your treatment. Instead, you can focus on getting the required treatment and returning home in one piece.

Lost Baggage or Documentation: Airlines are notorious for losing or misplacing luggage. If you do not have the right travel insurance, you will have to pay from your pocket for new sets of clothes and other personal belongings until the airlines can find your baggage, if at all. It is also possible that you misplace your travel documents. While you can get a replacement passport from the nearest embassy or consulate, you will not be able to replace other travel documents and will have to spend money to get them afresh. Travel insurance can help you in this regard and ensure you do not spend your savings or vacation funds.

Stolen Wallets, Gadgets, and Personal Items: Big cities are notorious for pickpockets, who can remove your wallet, electronic gadgets like laptops, iPads, iPods, and smartphones, and personal items without you even realizing it. Remember, most big hotels in Europe, including Denmark, are safe and you will rarely hear of thefts but the same cannot be said about hostels and dirt cheap hotels where there is minimal security. Hence, it is important to always be vigilant. However, sometimes, even if you are careful, you can fall victim to theft or crime. That is why you need a good travel insurance policy. It will help you replace anything that is stolen while you are on your vacation.

Other Overlooked Reasons: There are several things you need to be prepared for if you intend to go on a vacation or business travel. For instance, you can easily miss your connecting flight or due to some emergency, you may have to cancel your travel plans. Many of these things are not in your control and the best way to ensure that you don’t lose money is having travel insurance. The insurance policy will help pay for the next connecting flight or ensure you recoup the money for hotel booking and flight tickets if you cancel your trip in the eleventh hour.

Check Travel Insurance Policy Carefully

With so many advantages of having a travel insurance policy, you cannot ignore such an insurance policy. While it is quite possible that your trip goes off seamlessly and you may feel you have wasted your money on travel insurance, imagine what would happen if something does go wrong. So, never think of visiting any place without a good travel insurance policy.

Make sure when you are looking for travel insurance in Denmark or any other country, check the exclusions carefully. The policy should provide coverage for what you are seeking. Otherwise, it is not the right one for you. You can easily check online to find the best travel insurance in Denmark by comparing policies and then selecting the one that best suits your travel requirements.  

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