Electronic Stores in Denmark

Finding the right electronic stores in a new country can sometimes be a struggle. There are a number of choices out there and with so much variety finding the right places can cut your time and effort by half. It may come as a surprise to you that almost all stores in Denmark open by 10 am and shut around 5 pm or 6 pm and over weekends, a majority of the stores are closed. When you need to buy electronics for your home or business, it could be a problem if you don’t know the store’s operational timings, thankfully this does not have to be the case as most Danes prefer to shop online in order to meet their needs and you can too. All you need to do is find the right distributors and stores which will be able to help you out at an affordable price.

Shopper Statistics in Denmark

Statistics in Denmark depict that out of 5.75 million people residing here almost 98% of them use the internet, with 86% of these individuals shopping online. Online shopping and eCommerce are highly popular and are the most preferred method of shopping in this country, with each Dane spending an average of €3,567 each year.

In fact, in 2018, the online shopping industry which was worth €17.3 billion climbed to €19.5 billion in a years’ time. So if you are looking to find the best electronic stores in Denmark, it is best to look online, not only will you not have to leave your house in bad weather, but you can avail of extensive product lines and tons of attractive offers and deals.

Besides Amazon, there are huge online stores in Denmark that are taking on the same level of quality and service. Here are the top three electronic stores in Denmark which are useful for all your home and office essentials and products at budget-friendly prices.

Top three electronic stores in Denmark


Propshop is one of the go-to electronic stores in Denmark for anyone looking to purchase white goods and electronics. They deliver thousands of packages to Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, and more and has online stores in seven different countries, with over 200,000 different items in a wide range of categories. It was started by Poul Thvregoa and three of his partners in 1995 as a retail store for people to buy IT and multimedia products. However, this changed in 1996, when the company made a webstore and in 2005, finally took it online.

This electronic store became so popular because of its vision of being the fastest on the market both for new goods as well as opportunities and offers same-day delivery as well as a one-day delivery option. The staff here is passionate and professional and ensures that their customers get world-class products, excellent service, fast delivery, and easy access to attractive prices and offers. Propshop.dk offers everything related to IT and electronics including gadgets, hardware, software, electronic toys, household accessories, lawnmowers, and more. The choices are endless and customers find whatever they are looking for.


Today, Elgiganten handles everything from electronics to bicycles, barbeques, fitness, and much more at unbelievable prices. The product range keeps growing and you can find just about anything right from electronics, appliances, everyday high-end models to something from your girlfriend, mom, dad, or even your new dog.


This online store in Denmark is a bit different from the other two – it not only sells electronics and white goods but offers rentals as well. At L’easy, you will find many technically advanced products, details, and specifications you can immerse yourself in, this will help you to get the right advice and knowledge about each category and individual product. They allow buyers to purchase what they require through cash payments in one go, or installments of 12 months with no interest. So, if you find an electronic product you love, you can still buy it without feeling the pinch.

L’easy has been around for the last 25 years, due to the fact that they not only offer their users high-quality products, a wider range of appliances and electronics but also easy cash payments and excellent customer service. You can buy anything from white goods, TVs, DVDs, surround sound audio devices, PCs, mobile phones, cameras, and more as well as have a professional technician help you choose the right item and model for your home or office. If you still can’t understand, the technician will show up with the product at your doorstep and show you how it works. Eager to know more? L’easy offers a convenient 14-day return as well as online loans to complete your purchase. If you need goods for a short period, you can always rent it from them for about six months.

The Final Word

With such a vast selection of products, easy online payment, and affordable shopping for electronics, these three online stores are your best bet when it comes to buying goods for your home and office. They accept a vast number of payment options and come with excellent customer care services should you get confused or have some questions to ask about the product. Online shop is convenient at lets you get the best of everything while you are comfortably seated at home.

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