Things You Can Do and Enjoy in Esbjerg

If you are wondering where is Esbjerg, you are not alone. Many visitors coming to Denmark overlook this harbor city. It is the fifth-largest city in the country and is merely 18.6 miles from Ribe and 44.11 miles from Kolding. It is located in the southwest part of Jutland, right next to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea National Park.

Many Danes visit the city in the summer months, thanks to its beautiful and mesmerizing beaches. However, there is so much more than await intrepid travelers who head to Esbjerg.

In case you are coming from Germany, you may want to know how far from the German border is Esbjerg. The answer is that it is around 313.792 miles. You can easily drive to reach this beautiful city that has so much to offer.

What to Do in Esbjerg, Denmark

There is so much history, culture, and natural beauty in Esbjerg that you will want to keep returning to experience them. Some of the things that you can do in Esbjerg are as follows:

Explore the ARoS Art Museum:

If you are an art lover, you will enjoy the time you spend at this museum. It is constructed on the concept of Divine Comedy penned by Dante. The museum has 9 spaces where artwork by James Turrell, Pipilotti Rist, Bill Viola, and Tony Oursler are on display. Be sure to stroll around the circular 150-meter long path that offers stunning views of the city.

Spend a Day at Fanø Island:

If you have heard of this island but do not know where is Fano, it is time to rectify this. When you are in Esbjerg, reaching the island of Fanoe in Denmark (Fanø Island) is not that difficult. A 12-minute ferry ride will get you to this popular island, which is 3.10 miles wide and 9.94 miles long. Do not let the small size fool you. This island has fantastic beaches where you can swim, work on your tan or relax on a sunny day. It also has outstanding places to eat, nature trails, and bike paths that allow you to explore the island at your pace. Be sure to visit the WW2 bunkers. Ensure that your visit coincides with the low tide – when the tide is out, you will have to walk a few miles from the shore to reach the water! It is a fun experience.

Wadden Sea National Park:

You cannot come to Esbjerg and not visit the biggest national park in the country. This park spans four communes and has wetlands, beaches, and nature reserves to create distinctive ecosystems. The Park is famous for its millions of migratory birds that stop at the coast during their long flight. This is the best place to see spotted seals – just plan your trip during the summer months and you will not be disappointed.

Vikings Museum:

The Vikings Museum is located in Ribe and it will take you a 30-minute drive from Esbjerg to get there. The museum allows you to celebrate everything Viking, including settlements that were in vogue during the Viking Age. You can try your hand at falconry, archery, and coin minting as well.

Esbjerg Fish Auction:

Esbjerg is renowned for its fish auction. This auction is held each Wednesday from the middle of July until the middle of August. Strangely, it is quite popular among visitors, who love to witness this unique auction. Some even participate in it by bidding on the catch.

In Conclusion

Now, you no longer have to ask anyone where is Esbjerg. Pack your suitcase and head out to this city to enjoy a unique and different side of Denmark.

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