These organisations help asylum seekers in Denmark for free

From campaigning to raising funds and hosting a dinner, actively helping out refugees is easier than you think. The refugee situation is quite bad and has not only affected the Middle East but also in Europe and Denmark. The government works at protecting these refugees and finding them protection, home, and life-saving humanitarian assistance within the country.

With millions of families having to leave their countries due to violence, civil wars, and unrest, most big countries help take them in and help them. Donating is a great way to help keep these organizations alive and functioning and it begs the questions of what can you do extra to help them. There are many organizations in which students and young people volunteer to help in activities that support refugees and asylum seekers. Here are a couple of those organizations which have been set-up for a good cause.

1. Venlingboerne

This group of Danish volunteers aims to help incoming refugees quickly settle down in Denmark and feel a part of the community. It has gained over 6,000 members on Facebook and has quickly gained popularity. Becoming a part of this group means that you’ll be able to offer your help in small everyday tasks, like showing families around the city, introducing them to new people, and familiarizing them with the local culture. You will also be able to raise funds, donate toys, clothes, and more as well as let the refugees know places where they can get legal advice. Most volunteers spend their free time to help the family settle in and get to know the locality.

2. Red Cross

The Danish Red Cross had taken it upon themselves to help incoming refugees settle down and join various programs to help them out like helping them learn a new language, helping them with homework or learning, training their cycling skills, arranging social events where they can meet new people and more. Volunteers can help create a safe and trustworthy environment for these refugees and help them brush up their language skills, help them get a job, create their resumé, and even hold creative workshops for the kids.

3. Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

DRC is an independent humanitarian organization aimed at protecting the rights of refugees all over the world. A major chunk of their work is focused on providing direct assistance to people in conflict-affected countries. Volunteers will mainly work with administrative tasks like financial reports, budgeting, application processing, and more – which is a great opportunity for them to know the work that gets put in from beginning to end. This organization is ranked third among the world’s best NGOs and volunteering for them is a great way for students to earn work experience.

4. Refugees Welcome

This small humanitarian organization is based on volunteer work and mainly provides free legal advice and assistance to asylum seekers. They keep in contact with refugees and asylum seekers about their cases every single day and advise on permits, residency, and citizenship to prevent many difficult situations and mistakes. With many years of experience, this organization wants to create a better understanding of refugees through lectures, public debates, and participation through its website.

5. Grandparents for Asylum

Known as Bedsteforældre for Asyl in Danish, this organization comprises mostly of volunteer senior citizens who fight for policies and educate those people, who for some reason or the other cannot return to their countries. They mainly work for the betterment of senior asylum seekers. This group organizes protests, demonstrations, and other actions like writing to the press about a certain case.

6. The National Association of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons 

Founded as early as 1948, LGBTQ Denmark is the main organization for LGBT rights. They aim to work for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and protecting their social, political, cultural, and workplace rights in society. They work against discrimination and influence lawmakers to make decisions when it comes to marriage, adoption, rights, and certain policies.

In ConclusionAll these organizations accept donations in the form of money, toys, clothes, and more – volunteer work is the most important and is greatly appreciated. While asylum in Denmark can take time, these organizations are equipped to help asylum seekers.

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